How to find a property to buy

With most properties currently being listed online, it’s easier than ever to search out a property to buy that meets your wants. However, as a result of there's such a large choice to decide on from, it’s worth taking the time to raise yourself precisely what you’re searching for before you seriously begin looking; this can assist you to arrange your needs and narrow the choices more with efficiency.

The key criteria you’ll need to think about before embarking on your property search:

Price – how much are you able to realistically afford to pay per month on a mortgage and bills?

Location – where do you need to buy?

Size – what percentage bedrooms do you need? Do any of them need to be double bedrooms?

Where to live and what to look for?

Before you begin looking at properties you’ll want an idea of many bedrooms you need, your budget and a shortlist of locations you’re curious about. this may typically feel discouraging, notably if this can be the first time you’ve ever looked into buying a property.

To make this a part of the process easier, ask yourself the following questions:

How important are transport links for you? are there any you wish to be notably close to?

How long a commute would you be comfy with?

How far are you ready to travel meet friends and family?

What do you love concerning your current home/area?

What are the things you don’t like regarding your current home that you just would like to avoid next time?

What are the ‘must-haves’ which will make your new property feel like home?

What amenities does one want or would like on your doorstep?

How long do you plan to keep in the next property?

If you've got hobbies, is there somewhere you would like to get to regularly?

Searching for property

Once you’re clear on your needs, you’re able to begin looking at properties available.

There are two main portals in the United Kingdom - Rightmove and Zoopla - with a combined share of more than 97% of all properties on the market. Most of the properties are on both portals, but some of them can be just on one of them due to significant cost especially for smaller estate agents.

Both portals offer many tools to help you to search for property to meet your specific criteria and even, after registration, they will notify you if any new property has come on the market.

Good luck with searching and if you will need any help, you can always contact us and we will help you to find your dream home.